Pre-school Graduation!

This time of year students all across the world are graduating from scholarly institutions, and pre-school is no exception!  Pre-school graduation has become quite popular days (I never had a pre-school graduation… or maybe I did and I don’t remember).  It’s an end of the year song, dance, and celebration with friends before beginning kindergarten.  Parents, classmates, and pre-school alumni are all invited to join in the fun. I can’t think of anything more adorable than twenty 3-5 year olds singing and dancing in not-so-complete unison!

Although my son, Tavi, didn’t graduate this year, he showed off his talents at his pre-school graduation celebration.  My husband and I checked out of the lab/office at 3pm to watch the show.  Once all the parents had arrived, the teachers funnelled the youngsters onto the stage, and using the ring of a bell, called the children’s attention and silence. (I’m still considering this method for my university students…)  With guidance from their teachers, they sang us 5 songs: Sizzle Sizzle Pop, Baby Beluga, Each Of Us Is A Flower, Roar (Katy Perry), and Happy (Pharrell Williams).  The song and dance was followed by PowerPoint slide, which featured photographs of the children playing together and all their activities for the year, field trips, arts and crafts, and outdoor games.  As a parent, it was very fulfilling to see Tavi’s progress, and all that the teachers achieved with him and his classmates this year.

The graduating (and non-graduating class) are all finishing pre-school in a tough job market.  None-the-less, they all seemed to have their priorities in order and knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grow up.  The boys overwhelmingly wanted to be firemen, with the exception of one robot builder, a superhero, and a recycling truck driver (the latter was Tavi).  The girls had more variety and aspired towards slightly higher skill levels, including teachers, princesses (personally, I’m still aspiring to be a princess since my Romanian prince proved to be a total fake), dentist, hair stylist, and a doctor.  These youngsters are all so open-minded and full of hope, we could all stand to learn a thing of two from them all!

Thank you to the teachers and young scholars!  You have all worked so hard this year!!

Sizzle Sizzle POP:

Baby Beluga:

Each of us is a Flower:

ROAR- Katy Perry

Happy- Pharrell Williams


Tavi's Teachers (left to right) Leslie, Shannon, and Poonam
Tavi’s Teachers (left to right) Leslie, Shannon, and Poonam
Baby Beluga
Singing Baby Beluga
Showing off his moves.
Showing off his moves.
Teachers Poonam (left) and Lesle (right) with pre-school class.
Teachers Poonam (left) and Leslie (right) with pre-school class.
Accepting his "degree" for completing 2 years of pre-school.  (He will graduate next year.)
Accepting his pseudo degree for completing 2 years of pre-school. (He will graduate next year.)
Tavi with graduating friends
Tavi with a handful of graduating friends
Tavi with gradua
Checking out the graduation package
Tavi with graduating friends
Tavi with graduating friends
Tavi and Friends
Tavi and Friends
Tavi and his favourite Teacher, Angela
Tavi and one of his favourite Teachers, Angela

Tavi Quotes from this school year:

“Uranus (the planet)… is a gas giant.”

Specific to Pacific Rim (the movie): “Gipsy Danger!” or “Elbow Rocket!”

To his girl friend Sunday Rose, “Want to smell my B (blankie)?”  …She did not (and even made a face).

To a kindergartner in the hallway at school, “look I don’t have my potty seat anymore!  I use the urinal.”

In response to being asked to pick up his toys and put his clothes in the hamper: “I am so mistreated.”

Tavi talking to his teacher (Poonam) who was wearing stylish jeans with holes: “My jeans have a hole because they are old…  so yours (Poonam’s) must be VERY old.”

Also to his teacher, “Thanks for filling my brain!”

“Mama, Rex (our dog) opened the bottle of bubbles and spilled them on the carpet!”  (…ALL of the bubbles.)

After finding Viorel’s candy wrapper on the couch: “Mama, there’s the evidence!”

A conversation about pets:

Tavi- “Can we get a pet?”

Me- “We have a pet, Rex”

Tavi- “Oh… (Wheels in head turning) Rex is our pet.”

Me- “Well,  what did you think he was your brother?”

Tavi- …(silent contemplation)


Regarding the Gries lab: “Antonia studies mice, Catherine studies spiders, and Sean studies birds… (picture the gears turning in his head). So, what does Gerhard (our advisor) study?”


Reading the sign outside the Capilano Ecology centre, “Why can’t you have McDonalds in there?”

Last (bottom) image.
Last (bottom) image.
"Why no McDonalds?" -Tavi
No McDonald’s allowed inside the ecology centre.  All other foods “okay”.


In Romania:

After inspecting carutza si cai  (a Romanian horse and carriage): “Where’s the exhaust pipe?”

Look!  A CLASIC Romanian car (below)!

Classic Romanian Car!  (Photo: Tavi Popescu)
Classic Romanian Car! (Photo: Tavi Popescu)

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