APasternak copyAnna Pasternak is a recent graduate from Ohio University (Spring 2018) with a Bachelors in Environmental Biology and a Environmental Science Certificate. She is currently working 2 jobs(!): investigating various topics in insect ecology at Ohio University and disease vectoring in local mosquitos at the Athens City-County Health Department. She is specifically interested in environmental entomology and is considering graduate schools to continue her education in the area of science outreach and education.





2018-09-30-14-49-55.jpgClaire Rothmann is an active member of the gamma phi beta sorority and full time student at Ohio University.  She is also simultaneously working on two research projects: developing a wasp attractant and management of Midge flies using push pull strategies (polarized light and flashing wing beat technology). Claire got the entomology “bug” working with a High School Teacher and has been pursuing her interests in our lab!





maddie with poleMadeline Sudnick is a second year Honors Tutorial College (HTC) student majoring in Biological Sciences at Ohio University.  She is an undergraduate research student in the Avian Behavioral and Physiological Ecology Lab with one foot in our lab because she is working on a project identifying novel management practices for the avian bird blow fly (AKA #VampireMaggots). Maddie is funded through the Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund (PURF) and donations through Sindisa Conservation Fund. In her spare time, she wakes up very early (for fun) to bird watch and band birds. Maddie recently presented preliminary findings and won the first place award for her poster, “Nest structure, temperature and blow fly (Protocalliphora) parasitism in nest box breeding birds”!




2018-09-30 14.57.29Olivia Amos is a fourth year student majoring in Wildlife and Conservation at Ohio University.  This fall, in addition to being a full time student, she has been working to develop the ultimate wasp attractant using combinations of attractive sight and smell cues.







Mitch Duffner is a third year Honors Tutorial College (HTC) student majoring in Biological Sciences at Ohio University.  His interests are broad ranging from evolutionary studies,  parasite vectors, and animal behavior and ecology.  This summer he will working on entomology-related research with a focus on fly mate location. Outside of academia, he is passionate about film, music, art, and sports. He is a huge fan of the NBA (go Cavs!) and plays sports recreationally as much as possible. During the summer, he likes to create projects for himself involving design and sketch-work, often inspired by whatever film or topic holds his obsession at the time (currently flies!). He has also written multiple articles for an online student-run magazine at Ohio University called Speakeasy.



Julie Hixson is a second year student majoring in Biological Sciences at Ohio University, Chillicothe.  She is working in the lab and field to identify floral visual cues used by fly pollinators.  When she is not exploring interactions between plants and pollinators, she is riding ATVs, camping, hiking, and reading.  She is excited about the opportunity to combine her love for the outdoors with her academic interests.






AFrazier2Amanda Frazier is currently working on a degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, a minor in Environmental and Plant Biology as well as certificates in Environmental Studies and Geographic Information Sciences.  She is currently working 3 jobs(!): evaluating larvicides used in wastewater treatment plants at Ohio University and disease vectoring in local mosquitos at the Athens City-County Health Department and at the Salvation Army.  When she is not working these 3 jobs (her copious free time), she enjoys spending time with family and pets, as well as hiking, birding and reading.