Welcome to the Insect Ecology and Communication Lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at Ohio University.  Our research focuses on understanding communication pathways in insects (inter- and intra-specific communication) and their environment (plant-insect interactions and foraging). We are interested in using chemical ecology, behavioral ecology and physiology to advance our knowledge of basic insect ecology (foraging, reproduction) in particular for pest management (e.g., bird blow flies, midge flies, mosquitos), forest entomology (e.g., longhorn beetles) and pollination (e.g. native pollinators) applications, and to develop viable monitoring techniques and strategies. To tackle these research avenues, we use a combination of laboratory assays, field experiments and surveys, chemistry and chemical ecology methods (compound identification via mass spectrometry [GC-MS] and electro-antennogram [EAD]) and flashing wing frequency methods.


IMG_5147Researchers study midge fly infestation in Ohio wastewater treatment plants as a featured article in Phys.orgSummary: Brodie and Johnson are leading a team of undergraduate researchers in an effort to combat the pest midge flies in wastewater treatment plants.






Dr. Bekka S. Brodie
Visiting Professor
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Ohio University
302 Wilson West
Athens, OH 45701
Skype: cecropia99
Twitter and Instagram: @BugswithBekka  #OUinsects

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